Jeffrey's Bay The 4th wonder of our world

February 2020
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Jeffrey's Bay


JBay Winter Fest (8 - 19 July 2015)


The Jeffreys Bay region is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, never ending summers, plentiful shells and is best known as a Surf Mecca. The beautiful beaches are safe for bathing and provide endless hours of excitement for water sports.


The area is renowned for its amazing waves, relaxed vibe, friendly people and stunning views. Take in the mesmerising sights and sounds of the ocean as you relax on the beach and watch the sun sink slowly beyond the horizon. The untouched coastline and surrounding nature reserves are alive with an abundance of both plant and animal life and is the perfect backdrop for your relaxing getaway, sightseeing trip or place to call home.


Not far from Jeffreys Bay lies the charming town of St Francis Bay. It is known for its endemic white houses with black roofs, either tiled or thatch. Approximately half of the town is built around the largest web of man made canals and waterways in Africa.
Port St Francis in St. Francis Bay has one of the largest chokka ports in the country, providing local restaurants with some of the freshest most delicious seafood to prepare for its dishes. A


djacent to St. Francis Bay is the pastoral fishing village of Cape St Francis with its outstanding beach and historic Seal Point Lighthouse. Visit Oyster Bay, a town that caters for those who enjoy quiet time and relaxation.


Other towns in the Jeffreys Bay area are, Aston Bay, Humansdorp and Paradise Beach, each their own little slice of paradise with must see attractions and adventures to be discovered. Explore this district with its beautiful beaches, rich wildlife and adventures - surf the waves or swim with dolphins, there is something for everyone in this picturesque and breathtaking Jeffreys Bay area.

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